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Something you may not have known...

I am a Minister in the Universial Life Church. I know this will be a shock to some, and not as much to others.

Some of you will know me for the joke cracking, sometimes potty mouthed person I am. Some of you won't understand that a Minister does not need to be a quiet person sitting in a corner always reading the bible (though once is recommended.. :D ). Your pre-conceptions of what a Minister is, are well... outdated, but appreciated. I am a man, was one before I became a member of the clergy, and that hasn't changed. I just server a higher power, and hope that I can be a productive and helpful addition to God's team. I've always felt that it should be "We're on Gods side, and not God's on our side".. It's arrogant and presumptious to think that anyone has his favor over any of his other children.


Religion: Universal Life Church
Name: Reverend Mark Seifert
Date of Ordination: April 28, 2002
Belief System: Neo-Paganism - Changes as I grow.
Member of the ULC Ministers Association Since: July 30th 2005


Doctor of Universal Life
Doctor of Motivation
Doctor of Religious Science
Doctor of Metaphysics
Doctor of Divinity

Talk to me..

If you want feel free to ask about this or any thing else. Just send me an email and I'll be glad to write back with answers to your questions. I openly invite people who ask questions, as it is the only way to learn anything.