I have several sites on the go at most times, here is a list of al of the sites that I currently have running. (listed in the menu on the right)

Below however are lists of sites I want to do and have done.

Sites I want to do..

PhyreStation - At this point I still want to create a radio station website
The Soap Sack - A bathroom accessory I created
BarrieView - A site about Barrie Ontario and what you can do there
At this time I have several ideas but no site or time yet.

Sites I did..

Universal Poets Society - Poetry Posting site!
International Freeware Authors Association - a site dedicated to building a brotherhood of freeware authors.
Proudly Canadian - A site dedicated to promoting the fact that your site is Canadian and proud of it!
Fat Felix's Freeware Findz - A site promoting various freeware programs from different authors.
Pies Not Pistols - A site where we urged people to hit others with a pie instead of shooting them.
MindlessKindness - Site to promote random acts of mindless kindness.
MarkSeifertCompany - Website where I offered my freeware / shareware and commercial software
RMS Digital Services - Website that converted media and files to digital files and to and from digital formats

Purpose: My main domain

Men In Black Software

Purpose: A website for the freeware and software I've created.

Using The Secret

Purpose: A website with tips and suggestions for using the Law of Attraction or "The Secret".